DIY Wallpaper

As a renter, there was nothing I could do about our hideous mirrored closet doors or dated stucco ceiling but you better believe I jazzed up the wall near our entry. I initially wanted to put up wallpaper but even the peel & stick was going to cost me upwards of $400 and it was a SMALL wall! Knowing my husband, I knew he wasn't gunna buy it - literally! So I opted for the next best thing. I made some wallpaper.

I bought black washi tape from Target for $3 - pretty sure I purchased three rolls just in case we needed more - which we didn't. Hunter came up with a cool pattern so all I had to do was measure and cut the washi tape into 2 inch strips. I taped one strip onto another to form a chevron pattern and Hunter pressed them to the wall - tedious but sooooo worth it!

Jess HartmanComment