Hartman Haus is an Interior Decorating Company that focuses on Mid Century Modern, Bohemian, New Traditional and Eclectic designs. I absolutely live for blending different styles together to create a distinctive look that is clean and classic. With In Home Decorating, we will work face to face to bring your interior dreams to real life. The process begins with an initial phone call to better grasp your overall goals, from here we will schedule a one hour site consultation where we will conduct a walk through, take measurements/photos and conceptualize the project. In Home Decorating begins at $75/hour - $125 non-refundable deposit required.


Iā€™m happy to provide a form of consulting without ever having to step foot into the space. Style coaching is for those who really just need some clear direction and assistance in making design decisions. I may require photos, videos and measurements of the space so that I can create your personal mood board, purchase list and layout for the overall project. This is not to be mistaken with E-design. Style Coaching is just that - enthusiastic instruction and brainstorming sessions to better equip you in the design process. Mobile Style Coaching begins at $75/hour - $75 non-refundable deposit required.